Public Administration: An Introduction by Marc Holzer

Public Administration: An Introduction

Book Title: Public Administration: An Introduction

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0765639114

Author: Marc Holzer

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Marc Holzer with Public Administration: An Introduction

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Marc Holzer and Richard W. Schwester have written a fresh and highly engaging textbook for the introductory course in Public Administration.

Their coverage is both comprehensive and cutting-edge, including not only all the basic topics (OT, budgeting, HRM), but also reflecting new realities in public administration: innovations in e-government, the importance of new technology, changes in intergovernmental relations, especially the emphasis on inter-local and shared regional resources, and public performance and accountability initiatives.

Public Administration has been crafted with student appeal in mind. Each of the book’s chapters is generously illustrated with cartoons, quotes, and artwork―all reinforcing the book’s theme that the field of public administration is rooted in the cultural and political world. Each chapter is also supported with a listing of key terms, exercises, and additional resources.

The textbook is supported by one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use instructors' manuals of any introductory text on the market today.  It contains full lesson plans with activities to accommodate a broad range of teaching and learning styles for each chapter, PowerPoint decks for each chapter (with visuals and links embedded), 8 new long-term project / student presentation ideas, an updated 'Quotes and Notables' section with biographical information and media links for each chatper, updated test questions with answer keys, and updated terms and definitions for each chapter.